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5 Star Facial

For lasting celestial brightness

Inspired by the brightness and endurance of the constellations, CellAct’s 5-Star Facial Treatments are each a revolution in its own but all created with one universal purpose – to give you star bright skin that lasts.

Developed to help achieve different results for skin of all ages and types, every Star facial treatment is formulated with active ingredients to either hydrate, whiten, firm, heal or rejuvenate skin from within so your skin, like a star, will endure the test of time.

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DNA Fresh Cell Mask

The fresh cell mask is a gel-based mask containing DNA Salmon Roe that has a refreshing and regenerating effect with intensive hydrating effect. 

Available in our store

Blues Away Hydrating Mask

A fresh cell gel mask with moisturising and soothing properties.It helps in stimulating cell regeneration, inhibits stress factors and skin revitalization.

Available in our store

Crystal Clear Glacial Oil

A sebum-absorbing and purifying clay mask formulated for oily and blemish-prone skins. Leaves skin feeling soft and supple..

Available in our store